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Share Shabbat Dinner

For more information contact

Susan Strouse
Cara Weissman

Share Shabbat Dinner is postponed due to COVID-19. Check back here to see when we will resume the program.


Share Shabbat Dinners are times when congregants open up their homes to host other Beth El families for a Shabbat dinner.

  • The host family prepares the main entree (vegetarian/dairy dinner) while their guests bring agreed upon accompaniments.
  •  The Share Shabbat committee members assign guests to hosts, making an effort to introduce Beth El families/couples to each other. This helps to create a better sense of community for all members.
  •  Become a host or come as a guest.

We hope you will join us and be part of this wonderful experience! 

Here's why you should join us...

The Virtual Share Shabbat Dinner was a lovely, relaxing evening. A nice way to get acquainted re-acquainted with other members of our Beth El Community.

 -Helene Geiger

It was so great to enjoy Shabbat dinner with friends in the midst of COVID-19 –and from 1000 miles away! Wonderful company and conversation. We are grateful to Cara and Susan for arranging it, and can’t wait to do it again!

-Marcia Harry Kratz

Virtual Share Shabbat is helping usher in a new era of Shabbat. It is more about meaningful connections then regular traditions. Shabbat can be for everyone!  We look forward to the next Virtual Share Shabbat Dinner!

  -Rachael & Rich Oring

Meeting in someone's home to “Share Shabbat” with fellow congregants has always been one of our favorite Beth El events. It's been a great opportunity to both celebrate Shabbat and schmooze with some people we may otherwise have never met. The wonderful people who have been running this program have managed to transition it successfully to Zoom. We participated last month and plan to attend again because it's definitely a way to remain connected with our Beth El community whom we truly miss.

- Charlotte and Harold Denenberg

Mon, October 25 2021 19 Cheshvan 5782